Misfit announces low cost Flash Link wearable for $19.99, drops price on Shine and Flash

Misfit continues to offer compelling, long-lasting wearables for the masses at prices that can't be beat. The new Flash Link and Link software let you use the Flash for more than activity tracking too.


I often recommend Misfit wearables, either the Shine or Flash, to those who are interested in trying out a wearable device, but are not convinced they need to spend more than $100 for an accessory.

Today, Misfit announced its third product in the Misfit family of wearables, the Misfit Flash Link, along with Link software for the new Flash Link and existing Flash.

In addition to the new hardware and software products, Misfit is now selling the Misfit Shine for $69.99 and Misfit Flash for $29.99. These were previously priced at $99.99 and $49.99, respectively, so these are significant price cuts. I own a Flash and am pleased with its functionality.

Misfit Flash Link

The Misfit Flash Link looks like a Flash or Shine with the traditional Misfit button look and CR2032 replaceable coin cell long-life battery inside. It will be available in onyx, frost, reef, and Coca-Cola red for just $19.99.

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The Flash Link package includes the Flash Link and a clasp. The sport band is not included in the retail package, but can be purchased separately for $9.95. If you want the sport band, then you may just want to purchase the Flash product.

You can track your steps, calories burned, distance traveled, and sleep details with the Misfit Flash Link. The battery should last you about six months, which makes this a wearable that is easy to put on and forget about. It is water resistant to 30 meters as well.

CNET had a chance to spend some time with the new Flash Link and posted a preview hands-on video.

(Image: Misfit)

Misfit Link software

The Misfit app is available for iOS and Android and it is used to view the data collected by your Misfit wearable. It also allows you to add friends and compete with them for additional motivation to move.

The new Link app lets you link the Misfit Flash and Flash Link to various gear that you can control with the button on the Flash. This Link software is currently only available for iOS devices, but an Android version is under development.

The Link software lets you initiate a selfie, control your music, advance slides in a presentation, turn on and off a Misfit Bolt light bulb, and connect with Nest, Spotify, and more.

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