Misfit announces the Flash: Colorful $50 activity and sleep tracker for the masses

Wearables are the talk of the town, but they have to be inexpensive and functional to get people to start using them. It looks like Misfit may have a perfect product with the Flash.

Misfit announces the Flash: Colorful $50 activity and sleep tracker for the masses
Image: Misfit

Wearables are gaining in popularity and last week Apple revealed the details of its upcoming Apple Watch that will function as a high-end watch and activity tracker. Unfortunately, as people are just starting to really discover and use these devices, Apple's starting price point of $350 immediately puts it out of the reach of many.

I have tested a number of activity trackers and find those that make capturing data dead simple while also being reasonably priced are the best for the masses. Misfit has had their Shine tracker and yesterday announced the extremely affordable Misfit Flash for only $50.

Like the Garmin Vivofit I purchased, the Misfit Flash never needs charging so you can put it on or clip it on and forget about it. It is waterproof to 30 meters, comes in seven different colors, has a soft-touch plastic shell, and connects with your iOS or Android deice via Bluetooth Low Energy.

The new Flash captures your steps, calories burned, distance traveled, and sleep activity. It is designed to be used for any activity or sport thanks to its lightweight and stylish design and long battery life.

The front of the Flash is a button so you press the front to check on your daily progress. The iOS and Android apps present much more detail of your tracked data. You can compete with friends, track improvement over time, and set daily goals you wish to achieve.

The Misfit Flash looks to have quite a bit packed into a small device with a coin cell battery providing six months of use. $50 is a very reasonable price and with the available colors I can see this device finding its way into many hands.