Misfit launches wearables developer toolkit

The fitness and sleep tracker has launched a developer toolkit for the wearable devices, as well as a swathe of new partnerships.

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Misfit has unveiled a developer toolkit for its wearable devices in addition to new partnerships agreed upon to bring the firm's technology to a wider audience.

The creator of the Shine fitness tracker say the Misfit Developer Toolkit can be used in a number of ways. The kit comes with multiple integration options -- including the Misfit Cloud API, which enables users to access Misfit fitness and sleep data through third-parties; the Misfit Device SDK, which allows direct connection and sync capability with Misfit hardware, and the Misfit Scientific Library, which gives software and hardware makers access to the company's sensor algorithms and analytics.

On Friday, the wearable device maker also announced the addition of 30 corporate partners who are "integrating Misfit's activity and sleep tracking capability into their product offerings."

These partnerships have resulted in expanded mobile compatibility with a range of health and fitness tracking apps, including exercise mapping apps RunKeeper and MapMyFitness, as well as weight loss application Lose It.

In addition, Misfit is introducing new corporate partners, including Coca-Cola, which is using the Shine fitness tracker as part of employee wellbeing programs.

In June, the Pebble smartwatch added Misfit activity tracking , which gives the user the ability to track steps and daily fitness goals without the need to pair up with a smartphone app.