Mitel Vs. ShoreTel: Two VoIP solution providers in Patent suit

(Hey guess what, this isn't an iPhone post!!)But it's important to one of our core missions.

(Hey guess what, this isn't an iPhone post!!)

But it's important to one of our core missions.

Fellow VoIP blogger Jon Arnold's just back from a Mitel conference. They make VoIP products and solutions.

Mitel is suing ShoreTel big time. Oh, and ShoreTel makes VoIP products and solutions.

Jon's take is here.

I share the opinion of some other bloggers such as Tom Keating that this action is reflective of mid-tier IP-PBX vendors fighting over the scraps that tier-1 IP-PBXs such as Cisco are leaving behind.

Mitel issued a press release noting that the disputed Patents are 5,940,834, 5,703,942, 5,541,983, and 5,657,446.

We'll make it our business to learn more. Neither snow, (as if), rain (hey I'm an Oregonian) nor iPhone will stop us from our appointed rounds.


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