Mitsubishi latest to leave dying RPTV market

Mitsubishi is finally dropping its line of DLP displays as part of a company restructuring effort.

Mitsubishil ends rear projection screen television line company restructuring

Mitsubishi plans to end the manufacturing of rear-projection television sets, the last major player to leave the dwindling business.

Often clunky, rear-projection television set manufacture began to dwindle after flat-panel LCD displays took over the consumer market, and Mitsubishi currently retains a virtual monopoly in the market after other technology firms exited the digital light processing (DLP) screen market. When rival firms -- including Sony and Samsung -- vanished, Mitsubishi continued to release new DLP sets, but seems to have finally thrown in the towel.

According to a memo obtained by CE Pro and issued by MEVSA president and CEO Junichi Nose, Mitsubishi Electrical Visual Solutions America, Inc. (MEVSA), the branch in control of RPTV distribution, has sent letters to various service centers informing them the electronics firm is "discontinuing the manufacture of 73”, 82” and 92” DLP projection televisions."

Max Wasinger, one of Mitsubishi's video products executives, told the publication that 'We are in the midst of an orderly exit from the DLP TV business," and MEVSA will now focus on the business-to-business (B2B) market through projectors, printers and monitors, as well as home theatre projector technology.

Other technology and electronics firms abandoned the sinking rear-projection television ship some years ago, Sony and Samsung releasing their last models in 2007 and 2008 respectively. With the rise of flat panel LCD displays and large home televisions becoming more affordable, it was inevitable -- and marks the end of RPTV distribution by major firms.


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