Mitsubishi to launch plug-in hybrid with 4-wheel drive

A plug-in hybrid crossover/SUV may be available in the U.S. sooner than you think.

Mitusbishi has a little something up its sleeve these days. According to Edmunds Inside Line, the automaker has plans to unveil a four-wheel-drive plug-in hybrid at the Paris Auto Show later this year.

According to the Japanese automaker, the 2014 Mitsubishi Outlander Plug-in Hybrid is the first permanent four-wheel-drive electric vehicle in series production, and the company's second EV after the Mistubishi i.

The Outlander Plug-in Hybrid, intended to be one of the first plug-in crossover/SUVs available in the U.S., will have a four-wheel-drive system powered by electric motor. Its hybrid system would allow for a CO2 target below 50 g/km and a driving distance of more than 500 miles, according to Mitsubishi.

The car will be available in Europe in 2013, and Americans can expect to see the model by late 2013 or 2014.

"It is definitely coming here," said Roger Yasukawa, Mitsubishi Motors North America spokesman, told Inside Line on Monday. "We are targeting fiscal year 2013 — which probably means the later part of 2013 to March 2014."

Stay tuned for details on pricing.

Photo: Mitsubishi

via [Edmunds Inside Line]

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