Mitt Romney is dominating Facebook (infographic)

If U.S. Facebook users were the only ones who could vote, Mitt Romney would be leading the Republican Party this year. As it currently stands, Romney is dominating the social network.

It's too early to tell if 64-year-old Mitt Romney, a candidate for the 2012 Republican Party presidential nomination, will be the next U.S. president. If Facebook data is anything to go by, however, he's definitely going to put up a fight. Romney is quickly racing to the top of the ranks. In fact, since July 2011, not only has he amassed the greatest number of Facebook fans when compared to the other Republican presidential hopefuls, but he has pulled ahead across nearly all metrics, as you can see in the above infographic.

More specifically, Romney has surpassed his peers in number of Facebook user interactions, overall fan growth, and Facebook user engagement, according to Socialbakers, which analyzed more than 10 million Facebook Pages and Places, as well as billions of individual user interactions through its social media analytics platform. For those who prefer text to infographics, here are the details:

  • Facebook User Interactions: Throughout the past 30 days, Romney had the greatest number of interactions by Facebook users to his posts, 60,000 more than Paul, four times more than Santorum and three times more than Gingrich.
  • Fan Count: Romney has maintained the greatest number of Facebook fans since July 2011. Ron Paul trails in number of fans, followed by Newt Gingrich and Rick Santorum.
  • Fan Growth: Since September 2011, Romney has maintained his fan count lead by six times when compared to Newt Gingrich's fan count and approximately two times that of Paul.
  • People Talking About: Romney has nearly five times the number of people "talking" about him on Facebook when compared with Gingrich, and five times the number of people talking about him when compared to Santorum.

Anything can happen in an election race, but right now, it looks like Mitt Romney is doing very well for himself, at least when it comes to the world's largest social network. We'll see how he's holding up a few months from now.

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