Mobile activity on iPhones vs. regular smartphones

ActivityiPhoneSmartphoneMarketAny news or info via browser84.8%58.2%13.1%Accessed web search58.6%37.0%6.1%Watched mobile TV and/or video30.9%14.2%4.6%Watched on-demand video or TV programming20.9%7.0%1.4%Accessed Social Networking Site or Blog49.7%19.4%4.2%Listened to music on mobile phone74.1%27.9%6.7%Source: M:Metrics

Activity iPhone Smartphone Market
Any news or info via browser 84.8% 58.2% 13.1%
Accessed web search 58.6% 37.0% 6.1%
Watched mobile TV and/or video 30.9% 14.2% 4.6%
Watched on-demand video or TV programming 20.9% 7.0% 1.4%
Accessed Social Networking Site or Blog 49.7% 19.4% 4.2%
Listened to music on mobile phone 74.1% 27.9% 6.7%
Source: M:Metrics