Mobile app uncovers social media marketing activity

Perch, backed by former MapQuest executive Perry Evans, lets small businesses keep on top of reviews, promotions and daily deals for their own business - or for local competitors.

Ever wish you had a better pulse on the sorts of promotions and marketing campaigns being run by other local businesses in your immediate area?

That's the idea behind Perch, a mobile application developed by former MapQuest executive Perry Evans.

You can think of Perch as an aggregator for social media activity specific to a certain location and also specific to a certain type – in this case, accounts that are associated with businesses.

"Perch brings all of the data collected from Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare, Yelp and hundreds of deal sites into one place and takes the guesswork out of digital marketing," Evans said.

Here are some of the specific things the free app will let you do:

Track posts from other merchant Twitter and Facebook profiles

Receive alerts about Yelp reviews and ratings related to your business (or competitors)

Get information about local check-in specials

See information about daily deals

Cook up an analysis related to all of the above

The screen shot below shows you what the app looks like on an iPhone. It is also available for Android devices.


You can also find out more in this video: