Mobile auctions at a glance

The 3G mobile telecom auction winners

3G Telecoms table
Bidder Licence Amount What they get
TIW A£4.38bn The widest spectrum licence, reserved for a new entrant. The real prize goes to TIW backers Hutchinson-Whampoa, which will own 90 percent of the joint venture set up to utilise the licence.
Vodafone B £5.96bn The widest spectrum available to an existing operator. But tactical bidding by BT means Vodafone must pay a worryingly high price.
BT C £4.03bn A more limited capacity for customers than license B - but nearly £2bn cheaper.
One2One D £4.00bn Same capacity as licence C. One2One's new owner, Deutsche Telekom, will soon be taking part in the German mobile auction.
Orange E £4.10bn Same capacity as licence C. The licence could help Orange, which is due to separate from parent Vodafone, find a new buyer.