Mobile business users get enterprise-strength security

Security for mobile business users is the focus for computer security firm Computer Associates (CA) at the CeBIT computer show in Germany

CA announced a range of deals promising business customers a secure mobile platform at CeBIT in Hannover today. These include a partnership with mobile manufacturers Nokia, Motorola and software companies Wether Systems and Soft Design.

The deals further CA’s commitment to focus on mobile enterprise users following other deals with manufacturers Palm, Qualcomm and Symbol.

Encryption technology from eTrust will be used to secure mobile business networks from malicious attackers and CA anti-virus scanning solutions will prevent viruses from taking grip. CA’s Mobile eBusiness platform will provide a security infrastructure for numerous mobile devices such as laptops and PDAs and Internet phones, as well as mobile technologies including WAP Gateways.

To coincide with the launch of CA’s mobile eBussines platform, Motorla revealled plans to provide enterprise computer applications over WAP, with a view to porting them to work on future mobile standards such as GPRS. CA believes that security will be a key requirement for companies hoping to expand their networks into mobile computing.

"Truly successful wireless applications require high availability, carefully tuned performance, robust security and tight integration with existing enterprise applications," said Tarkan Maner, vice president of corporate marketing for CA in a release.

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