Mobile first UX: Facebook's desktop News Feed mimics mobile

With Facebook unifying its desktop and mobile experiences at the expense of design pyrotechnics it's possible that other companies will follow.

Facebook said it is rolling out an updated News Feed, arguably the most important page it has given the user updates and ads that flow there, and the design is a bit old school and mimics mobile.

In other words, Facebook's biggest design change was unifying the desktop and mobile experiences. And that move meant a old school feel to the desktop at the expense of the pyrotechnics it was considering a year ago.

Facebook's users told the social network that they found the whizbang design to be harder to navigate, but liked the larger photos. Given that most of Facebook's usage these days happens on a mobile device following the mobility design cues makes sense.

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There's probably a design lesson here since many desktop and mobile experiences are vastly different. Given the limited screen size mobile sites get you the goods faster---and that's preferred unless you have a ton of time on your hands. With any luck, Facebook's simplification move on the desktop may give other companies an excuse to simplify their sites.

Here's the updated News Feed followed by what Facebook was initially proposing.

facebook new new
facebook old new