Mobile industry gets the teamwork buzz

3GSM: Partnerships and teamwork were the name of the game at the 3GSM World Congress in Barcelona on Tuesday

The mobile industry is as tough and competitive as any IT sector, but there were signs on Tuesday that co-operation could be the new way forward.

Fourteen operators have promised to do their bit to help instant messaging develop on mobiles. Users won't have to pay to receive an IM, but they will still get charged for sending them. So, not charity, but it's a start.

Microsoft enjoyed another big day. It has teamed up with BT, HTC and The Technology Company to create a smartphone that can handle mobile TV over a DAB network.

Intel has also landed an alliance with the GSM Association to help make laptops combatable with super 3G networks. And Microsoft's Steve Ballmer and Sir Richard Branson of Virgin took part in a remarkably friendly clinch in Ballmer's keynote.

On the technical side, Broadcom says it can make mobile calls crisper and more reliable, and Qualcomm thinks 3G phone prices are going to drop this year.

3GSM: Day 2:

Operators ally for mobile IM
Fourteen major mobile phone operators have promised to break down the barriers preventing their users sending instant messages to each other

Ballmer reveals mobile TV smartphone
The Trilogy will underpin BT's mobile TV service, and could help Microsoft to carve a large niche in the mobile multimedia space

Branson and Ballmer show Valentine's Day love
Love and togetherness gets the better of two top bosses at this year's mobile World Congress conference in Barcelona.

Microsoft wants all your mobile life
In a packed keynote speech, Steve Ballmer said the terms 'business user' and 'consumer' are increasingly irrelevant in a mobile world that must concentrate on people

Intel steps up 3G integration efforts
Intel is joining forces with the GSMA to push for the adoption of cellular wireless technologies in laptop

3G phones tipped to get cheaper

Third-generation phones should plunge in price this year, predicts Qualcomm, whose chips are used inside many WCDMA devices

Broadcom cleans up noisy mobiles
M-Stream could put an end to crackly mobile phone calls and dropped connections in busy locations

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