Mobile Malware: The JavaMite Evolution in Digital Security

Mobile Malware: The JavaMite Evolution in Digital SecurityAuthor: Eric Everson, Founder MyMobiSafe.comThe landscape of digital security is evolutionary in nature.
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Mobile Malware: The JavaMite Evolution in Digital Security Author: Eric Everson, Founder MyMobiSafe.com

The landscape of digital security is evolutionary in nature. From one malware variant to the next, malware represents a means of interrupting digital norms. Occasionally there comes an evolution in technology that is so profound that it carries the ability to transcend all future developments. In such a paradigm shift, the digital landscape as we know it can become transcended to new heights. Such is the case for the latest form of mobile malware, the JavaMite.

As defined, “a JavaMite is any executable software or script written in (or with) the aide of a Java Software Development Kit/Component to specifically alter or otherwise tamper with the operational components of a mobile handset or device.” As an evolutionary form of mobile malware, this development stands to redefine the norms of mobile security. JavaMite malware has such a profound dynamic due to its overwhelming scalability given the modern mobile environment.

As upwards of 86% of handsets are Java-enabled this renders JavaMites as the most threatening class of mobile malware to surface – relative to its prospective mass industry epidemiology. Though currently there is not a JavaMite variant capable of mass market threat, this is exactly the medium that mobile malware could use to target unprecedented numbers of mobile handsets. The limitations that massive attacks face are primarily underpinned by handset processing capabilities, though there is no limit on the sophistications that JavaMites can embody.

In short, JavaMites are the newest form of mobile security threat to emerge and likewise represent the greatest opportunity for globalized attacks to mobile devices. Given the many formalities that have shaped the emergence of this unique mobile malware, JavaMites likely represent the basis of next generation mobile malware developments.

As we continue to rely on our mobile devices as a critical element of communication, JavaMites represent a paradigm shift in digital security for governments and businesses alike.

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