Mobile Nations announces Talk Mobile 2013, launching June 3rd

The four mobile OS-specific sites of the Mobile Nations group are kicking off a new event to engage readers in the discussion of 10 mobile-related topics.

Mobile Nations announces Talk Mobile 2013, launching June 3rd
Image: Mobile Nations

Many of us mobile enthusiasts tend to follow many sites, particularly those that focus on our operating system of choice. Since I am fairly device-agnostic, I follow all four of the Mobile Nations sites: iMore, Android Central, CrackBerry, and WPCentral. The editors of Mobile Nations sites announced Talk Mobile 2013 that will carry on a conversation on 10 mobile topics for the next several months.

As stated in the press release:

Covering ten highly relevant topics, Talk Mobile will address the issues facing modern platform makers and manufacturers, carriers and service providers, developers and designers, and power users and casual users alike. Topics range from mobile gaming to photography to social to security.
Talk Mobile will bring together mobile industry experts, influencers, pundits, enthusiasts, and fans from around the world to engage in meaningful conversations about important topics in mobile today. A total of 50 Talk Mobile features will be published over the next several months. Each day's feature will simultaneously reach each Mobile Nations site, with Android, BlackBerry, iOS and Windows Phone communities each having an equal voice in the conversation.

They recently brought Cali Lewis and John Pozadzides of GeekBeat.TV to New York to film content for Talk Mobile 2013. The two will moderate the start of each feature with a roundtable discussion of the Mobile Nations site editors Phil Nickinson, Kevin Michaluk, Rene Ritchie, and Daniel Rubino. The Talk Mobile 2013 event grew from the Smartphone Round Robin events we used to hold where editors from each site would try out other platforms and write about their experiences.

I served as the editor of Nokia Experts for two years, but then Nokia gave up on Symbian and moved to Windows Phone so I decided to stay focused on blogs here at ZDNet. It's great to see the success over at Mobile Nations and the editors, like many other mobile website editors, are my friends and colleagues.