Mobile phones go Underground

£350m project will enable mobile phones in Tube; data services also on the way

London Underground is to spend billions of pounds enabling tube travellers to use their mobile phones in underground stations and on tube trains.

It will take £350m to wire up London's archaic underground rail system with a high-speed fibre optics allowing commuters to use their mobiles on the Tube, according to reports.

A wider overhaul to the Underground's ailing communications infrastructure over the next 20 years will result in not only the implementation of a mobile communications network, but also a data network providing services such as customer information.

Citylink Telecommunications has been awarded the contract for the renovation by London Underground, worth a total of £1.2bn. Citylink Telecommunications is a consortium consisting of Racal Translink, Hyder Investments, Fluor International, Motorola and Charterhouse Equity Investments.

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