Mobile phones no health risk - Report

Mobile phones pose no discernible threat to human health, according a report by 12 independent analysts to be published May 11

The Stewart Report will conclude that concerns over radiation from mobile phones resulting in a whole range of nasty side-effects from headaches and memory loss to lower testosterone levels and even tumours, are unfounded.

It had been thought that radiation from mobile phones significantly increased the temperature of the brain. According to the Stewart Report, brain temperature only increases by a tenth of a degree while using a mobile and presents no risk.

The report will however recommend reducing emissions levels in the UK in line with European standards. It will also call for increased funding from the Health Department for research into this issue.

News of the report's findings come as music to the ears of mobile phone companies. Scare-stories about the dangers involved in using mobile phones threatened to put a dent in an otherwise flourishing market.

Five mobile phone companies also yesterday spent a total of £22.5bn bidding for the licences required to deliver the networks that will support futuristic Universal broadband mobile phones, expected to revolution the world of personal computing.

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