Mobile POS system outfits food trucks

Revel Systems, which develops POS solutions that work with Apple's iPad, has come out with a $1,999 product for delivery vehicles.

Anyone who has ever struggled with finding the right amount of cash to pay the pizza delivery person will totally appreciate a new mobile solution from POS vendor Revel System that is intended to ease mobile payments.

The $1,999 solution integrates technology from Revel's new wireless router, which uses the wireless service on an iPad to create an ad hoc point of sale network for small businesses, and its traditional POS system into a package including a receipt printer that can be installed in about an hour.

Revel Food Truck Twitter Screenshot

Revel System CEO Lisa Falzone said the company put together the system after restaurants and food delivery organizations complained of limited mobile payment options for food trucks, which are profilerating across the United States. The solution even includes Twitter integration, so that companies can alert followers to their location.

"Being able to Tweet wthin the point of sale system on the iPad has generated a tremendously enthusiastic response from our food truck restaurant POS solution beta testers, who until now have had to put up with bulk connectivity hardware such as routers and cabling," Falcone said.

The company has forged a relationship with Best Buy's Geek Squad to help with installations, she added. 

San Francisco-based Revel Systems is based by $3.7 million 

Screenshots courtesy of Revel Systems