Mobile Rockstar: Guitar Hero Going Mobile!

Mobile Rockstar: Guitar Hero Going Mobile?Author: Eric Everson, MyMobiSafe.

Mobile Rockstar: Guitar Hero Going Mobile? Author: Eric Everson,

If you have found yourself compulsively obsessed with that four key plastic guitar from the famed Guitar Hero games, you are not alone. Many taverns the world over are replacing yesterday’s karaoke with tomorrows Guitar Hero Showdown. For those of you addicted to the point of considering calling off of work to play Guitar Hero, I have good news… it looks like the game is coming to a cell phone near you!

That’s right the Guitar Hero you love is quickly becoming the latest mobile craze! Basically it is said to work like this: Notes on the phone screen will start to appear and the gamer must hit numbers on their keypad to match the colors of the notes. The mobile version is a scaled down version of the Xbox favorite restricting the gamer to a single guitar choice and an initial catalogue of about 15 songs. The release is being made first in the U.S. market and is set to hit the U.K. by late summer.

With mobile gaming growing with such fervor, it is no wonder so many people are opting to put down their Microsoft Xbox in favor of their Windows Mobile handset! Is this yet another telling sign of my prediction that mobile phones are replacing computers… I’ll leave that for you to debate. Mobile gaming is one of the hottest mobile growth markets today, which leaves many wondering what if any security implications may be rising to the surface.

It is well known that handset level security is significantly subpar to computer-based security, so naturally mobile gaming is not without its risks. The most important attribute that a mobile user can look for are the credentials of their game maker. Are they working with companies like MyMobiSafe to ensure that their content is safe for their users? While not every mobile user may employ a handset security solution, it is important that everyone trust their mobile content. Games are the easiest way to pass Trojan-style viruses between mobile handsets, so verified mobile content is becoming a major issue respectively.

In short, make sure you trust your mobile gamming source and look for their MyMobiSafe Verified Mobile Content logo and party like a Guitar Hero rockstar!


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