Mobile Web sites face stringent standards regulation

mTLD is to be the first TLD operator to insist the sites under its jurisdiction follow strict standards of Web development

mTLD, the operator of the .mobi domain space, has stipulated that anyone wanting to register for a domain must abide by a code of practice.

mTLD announced today that it has joined the W3C and will be using many of the consortium's best practices, developed for the mobile Internet, to develop its own criteria in order to ensure .mobi sites are optimised to be viewed on mobile devices.

.mobi will be the first TLD to require its customers to stick to rules on how their users' Web sites are developed.

.mobi domains are expected to become available from early 2006, with trademark holders the first to be allowed to register for URLs.

mTLD officially won the right to administer the .mobi domain in July from ICANN and recently appointed former VeriSign staffer Neil Edwards as its general manager.