Mobile working killing relationships: survey

A quarter of Australians have had fights with their partners about working on their mobile devices during their personal time, according to a survey by Good Technology.

It's not a huge surprise that most Australians are working overtime during personal hours on their mobile devices, but a quarter of have admitted that doing so has put a strain on their relationships, according to a survey by Good Technology.

Mobile working killing relationships.
Relationships on the line because of mobile working.

In a survey conducted on 1007 Australians, 88 percent said that they worked on their mobile devices outside regular working hours. More than a third said that they did so to keep up with their workloads.

We're getting intimate with our mobile devices as well, with 35 percent checking their phones and emails in bed.

No wonder 24 percent of respondents fought with their partners over working on their mobile devices outside of work. About 1.4 percent of respondents have dumped their partners for overworking on mobile devices.

"At a more personal level, it is important for workers to feel in control and not let their mobile rule them," said Good Technology General Manager for APAC Jim Watson. "Technology exists to enhance productivity and enable greater flexibility between work and personal life — not cause us to work all the time."

With companies increasingly warming to the bring-your-own-device (BYOD) trend, the work-life balance for employees will continue to suffer, and may bring about the death of the nonworking vacation.

In the Good Technology survey, 20 percent of respondents admitted to taking work calls or answering emails on family days out.



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