MobileIron updates improve iOS support, operational intelligence

Enterprises get screen sharing for iOS users and their help desks, per-app VPNs for any managed app, and integration with Splunk for better access to operational data.

MobileIron today announced availability of three new capabilities in their EMM (Enterprise Mobility Management) suite: iOS screen sharing, per-app VPNs on iOS, and integration with Splunk for operational intelligence.

The screen sharing feature, called Help@Work, allows help desks to view the users' screens in order to assist them better. It is not remote control; the help desk can only view the remote user's screen, but this is enough to get past the problem of getting the user to describe what they are seeing accurately. The Help@Work experience can also be customized by modifying HTML.

Per-app VPNs for mobile devices have been emerging for some time on iOS and other platforms, generally for custom development. In iOS 7 Apple added support per-app VPNs and other EMM features. These VPNs can be applied to any managed App Store app without special development or app wrappers. MobileIron says they are the first with this support for iOS 7. iOS has always come with a VPN capability, but in a BYOD environment it is better to isolate the enterprise data and apps on a one-by-one basis.

image credit MobileIron

Splunk is a popular system for collecting large amounts of log data from web servers and similar systems for analysis. Now MobileIron can feed its logs directly into Splunk. This allows admins to chart use of features by device type, by region, and a very large number of other interpretations of mobile usage data. Splunk can also correlate mobile with other enterprise data to give a better picture of usage across the entire space.