MobileTechRoundup show #228; Gestures, Nokia X7, and Android Sidekicks

There was plenty to talk about in the world of mobile technology, including iOS gestures, Nokia X7 and AT&T, Galaxy S 4G, and Sidekick Android devices.

Listen here (MP3, 54.6 MB, 56:50 minutes)

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Kevin and I covered quite a bit of mobile tech in MobileTechRoundup show #228. The gestures in iOS 4.3 beta appeal to Kevin and after some talking with him and the Ustream participants I can see the benefits too. I am a fan of Nokia devices and agree with Kevin that Nokia has issues in the US, as seen with the latest rumors regarding the X7 and AT&T. Other topics discussed in the show include Google Voice and number porting, one host getting rid of an iPad, the Galaxy S 4G, Sidekick Android, and an excellent looking Google Talk and Google Voice freeware for iOS devices.

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