MobileTechRoundup show #58

Another podcast discussing the latest in mobile technology is brought to you by the three guys from MobileTechRoundup. A half hour show goes by fast when geeks are talking about mobile gadgets and thankfully we get to record two shows a week to cover all the great news and experiences we have with mobile tech.

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James Kendrick, Kevin C. Tofel and I bring you another show discussing mobile technology and this time we don't discuss the Samsung Q1 as much as we have been in the last couple of shows (can you tell Kevin and I are excited about the UMPC?). In this show we talk a bit about external storage card formats, Gizmo Project VoIP service, CABviaActiveSync, ActiveSync 4.2 issue with pass through, using The Missing Sync 2.5 with a MacBook and Windows Mobile devices, and a quick discussion on the Apple hover patent. We are starting to come together well with this 5th show together and I hope you enjoy the show that we recorded right before I headed out with my 3 girls to the drive-in.

Please let me know if you have anything you would like us to cover and discuss on the show and I'll try to work it into a future podcast.