Mobility Beat: like digg for mobile technology

If you enjoy social bookmarking and link sharing sites like digg and Netscape and are a mobile technology fan then you'll want to check out the new MobilityBeat site that gathers links from around the world related to mobile gear. For the next 30 days if you submit a story you are entered into a drawing for a Treo 680 as well so go on over and check them out.
Written by Matthew Miller, Contributing Writer on
My fellow Mobius member, Ryan, just launched a very cool new site called MobilityBeat that is like digg/Netscape for mobile technology related news. I often check out digg, but there is a lot posted there that I am just not interested in. I am a huge mobile tech fan and like the idea of a mobile tech news aggregator/social link site like MobilityBeat and encourage you to visit, register, and vote for stories. The site hopes to capture news and features regarding gear such as smartphones, PDAs, digital music players, Tablets and other mobile gadget news. BTW, if you register and submit a news story in the next month you will be entered to win an unlocked Treo 680 so go on over and submit some stories.
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