Mobility in the enterprise: Gotchas abound

IT infrastructure, capacity and multi-channel support are just some of the things that need to be reworked as enterprises increasingly go mobile.

Mobile apps and devices are likely to turn information technology and delivery upside down, but there are multiple potholes in implementations.

That's the gist of a Forrester report focused on how mobility will change the IT services industry.

In the report, Forrester covers a series of unintended consequences from the corporate mobile push. These side effects are magnified if companies take a one-off approach to mobile applications, according to Forrester.

Among the mobile conundrums:

  • It's hard to coordinate multiple channels. Apps can be built for shopping and flop on customer service.
  • Processes are designed for transactions, not engagement. Customers want mobile chores to be quick and easy. Forrester likened today's mobile apps to ATMs decades ago. They don't need to do everything, but need to excel at the basics.
  • Servers and IT infrastructure can't handle the activity surges. Networks, databases and middleware will be taxed by mobile volume.
  • Application and security models need a do-over. The so-called atomization of business processes will require architecture to be reworked. IT will also need layered security as mobile traffic swells.
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