Mocana, Mobile Active Defense partner on BYOD security

Mocana and Mobile Active Defense team up to offer BYOD security tech to each other's customers.

More action on ZDNet's favorite topic: Bring Your Own Device.

San Francisco-based enterprise device security company Mocana and Atlanta-based smartphone security outfit Mobile Active Defense say they are partnering to bring their respective BYOD technologies to each others' customer bases as IT professionals continue to seek ways to respond to the consumerization of IT.

Mocana is known for a platform that focuses on protecting devices and applications; meanwhile, Mobile Active Defense specializes in mobile security architecture.

The companies say their customers were asking for deeper integration of their services, such that an IT administrator protect a user from his or herself (by adding security features to applications via Mocana's Mobile Application Protection product) and from external threats (by deploying MAD's MECS mobile state-full inspection firewall and threat detection).

That adds up to a phone that can be managed, provisioned and recovered, while sending and receiving data that is encrypted, backed up and prevented from accidental leakage. (It might as well come with a sign that says, "Warning: Beware of Guard Dog.")

The key to it all, of course, is ease of use: customers won't take kindly to security that gets in the way of what they're trying to do. With luck, and IT restraint, this formal partnership will keep each company's customers happier.