MoDaCo.SWITCH lets me choose the Sense or Google experience on my HTC One

Paul released MoDaCo.SWITCH into private beta and I am testing it out on my T-Mobile HTC One.

MoDaCo.SWITCH lets me choose the Sense or Google experience on my HTC One

Last week I wrote about a utility being developed by Paul O'Brien at MoDaCo and yesterday I was given access to the early private beta of MoDaCo.SWITCH. It's been about a year since I hacked around on Android, but Paul and other developers have made the process pretty easy.

The beta is still in private status and those who take the risk to install custom ROMs are on their own with warranty and other official support likely out the window. I am not encouraging ROM customization, but just wanted to share my personal experiences so you can see what is out there and available.

MoDaCo.SWITCH lets you move between Sense and the Google Play Edition experiences with data shared between the ROMs. I have written several times about my preference for Sense on the HTC One , but there is also no word on when we may see Android 4.2.2 on US model Ones . The MoDaCo.SWITCH tool brings 4.2.2 to the device, both with Sense and Google Play Edition.

I did lose my WiFi Calling functionality on T-Mobile, along with the T-Mobile utilities that came on the T-Mobile version. However, gaining the new quick control functions, BlinkFeed with Instagram, more Highlight Video themes, revised Zoe management, accessibility fixes so my Pebble now works as designed, and more is worth taking these actions for me.

The Google Play Edition side of MoDaCo.SWITCH brings a more pure experience and since I no longer have a Nexus device I wanted to have the ability to try out that experience from time-to-time as well.


It was fairly straightforward to get MoDaCo.SWITCH up and running on my T-Mobile HTC One with S-ON. These steps include:

  • Unlock the HTC One at the HTC Dev website
  • When the device boots, skip through the setup wizard and turn off 'fast boot' in the settings -> power menu.
  • Copy the downloaded files (beta 1, the beta 5 update, s-on support) to the internal SD
  • Shut down the device
  • Power on with volume down held and select 'bootloader'
  • Use 'fastboot flash' to flash a custom recovery image
  • Use the volume keys and power button to launch recovery
  • Perform a wipe
  • Install the 3 zips in order
  • Reboot

People have been asking for the ability to select which ROM to run on your purchased device and Paul is making it happen with MoDaCo.SWITCH. The utility is in early beta and I have noticed a few issues that I reported to Paul. We will continue to see some tweaks and I imagine the public beta will be opening up soon as well.