Modular data centers new target for Aecom and Project Frog

Experienced data center builders see modular as a high growth market.

The announcement of a partnership between Project Frog, an innovator in the design and delivery of smart buildings, and Aecom, a global infrastructure firm with more than two decades of experience building data centers, has led to the announcement of their combined Rapid Deployment Team focused on the delivery of data center buildings with a modular infrastructure to customers who would not be well served by the traditional build process for a major data center facility.

Based around the Project Frog Converge flat-pack data center building platform with the addition of Aecom's integration expertise the partnership expects to be able deliver rapidly constructed modular data center structure suitable for builds in the 1 MW to 50 MW range, which covers the vast majority of data center projects.

The two companies expect the standardized, two-story data center structures with stacked data center modules to reduce the costs associated with design, construction and deployment as well as allowing for leaner operational costs. Ease of construction and deployment could also encourage customers to scale data center builds in a more on-demand fashion, reducing the tendency to over provision data center builds.


Looking at the materials provided by Project Frog shows a similarity in modular construction with the projects started by KeystoneNAP with stacked data center modules being the core of the data centers. In KeystoneNAP's case, however, the focus is on repurposing existing structures to become new data centers.