MongoHQ: Database is a tool, not a solution

MongoHQ's CEO believes that many in the database and database as a service market should focus on creating real solutions not just tools.

I had a delightful conversation with Kurt Mackey, CEO of MongoHQ, about tools vs. solutions. Many players in the database and database as a service (DBaaS) markets seem to have forgotten that companies use database products as tools and that a database is seldom a solution by itself.

As organizations consider cloud-based solutions, it appears that companies are increasingly confused by all of the different tools that are available. Should the company select a database product that is relational, pre-relational, post-relational, SQL-based, NoSQL, memory resident, disk resident, single machine or distributed? Every few weeks another approach and set of products are announced. This only serves to increase the levels of confusion in the market.

Mackey believes those questions should be asked only after it's clear what the company is trying to accomplish. Only then, he points out, can the appropriate tool be selected.

MongoHQ, he points out, prides itself on providing powerful tools and ongoing operational support. MongoHQ currently offers a MongoDB-based DBaaS offering that integrates with many monitoring and management products. One of MongoHQ's more interesting capabilities is a data explorer that makes it easy for an analyst to navigate documents using a dashboard-like console.

Are you still trying to figure out what the best tools are for your big data and analytics project? Learning more about MongoHQ just might be a good place to start.