Monitor event logs for less

The EventLog Translation Service from WinAgents is an inexpensive way to aggregate event logs. Find out more about this logging alternative.

EventTracker, a handy tool that offers the ability to centralize Windows logs,correlate events to pinpoint an exact problem, and much more. While expensive monitoring products such as EventTracker provide a ton of Windows event log capabilities, they usually come at a pretty hefty price.

If you're just looking for a way to aggregate event logs that highlights events of interest, you can achieve these goals for less than the thousands of dollars you'll typically shell out for EventTracker. One such alternative is the EventLog Translation Service from WinAgents.

At US$45 per server and US$1,995 for a site license, EventLog Translation Service isn't free, but it's a lot less expensive than EventTracker. In addition, you can try it free for 30 days to make sure it meets your organization's needs.

EventLog Translation Service requires some kind of Syslog server or SNMP-based network monitoring utility because it forwards events to this station after examining the event logs for a particular server. It also provides an instant notification feature that lets you know immediately when events requiring attention occur, and it examines log files for events that could be impacting server performance.

For more information about EventLog Translation Service, check out WinAgents' Web site.

Scott Lowe MCSE is currently the IT director for a national legal association, where he runs the day-to-day operations, plans the long-term strategy of the IT group, and provides technical advice and assistance to the membership.