Montech Holdings re-list after raising AU$4.3m

Montech Holdings are back on the Australian Securities Exchange this week after 14 months off; bringing with them a new brand and new investments.
Written by Asha Barbaschow, Contributor

With an eventful 18-month lead up, cloud-focused software and services company, Montech Holdings has re-listed on the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX) as the company successfully complete a capital raising of AU$4.3 million.

The re-listing comes as two separate services companies, Technology Effect Pty Ltd and Breeze Training Pty Ltd were wholly acquired by Montech Holdings late last year.

From July 1 2015, both Technology Effect and Breeze will be operating as a single entity and be known as MOQ Digital. With a team of 80 employees already, operational integration of MOQ Digital is well underway and the unit have announced that they have obtained several significant client wins across education, financial services, health, government services, and professional services.

Both Technology Effect and Breeze currently service customers including Bank of Queensland, BUPA, and mining giant Rio Tinto.

Commenting on the acquisitions, David Shein Chairman Montech Holdings, said "Montech will continue to invest in organic growth, focused in high value, high market demand areas. That growth will be complemented by making strategic targeted acquisitions that enable an integrated business model capable of delivering services and solutions on a state by state basis to clients."

Montech Holdings, previously known as Sirius Corporation, officially changed its name in April 2014 and was recapitalised in July 2014 through an injection of new resources and the appointment of a new board of directors. It was previously ASX listed up until this point under Sirius Corporation, since December 2007.

Following the re-listing, the company said it intends to actively pursue suitable acquisition opportunities with an initial focus on the technology sector.

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