More Big Data news: Datameer, Nominum/IBM, Actuate/Quiterian

Datameer launches an App Market, Nominum partners with IBM for "Big DNS" analytics, and open source BI player Actuate acquires Big Data analytics provider Quiterian.

This afternoon, I posted what I thought was all of today’s Big Data news, including announcements from IBM, Cisco, Tervela, and SiSense.  But it turns out there’s more.  Tomorrow you’ll be reading all about Apple’s announcements, so there’s no time like the present to get you more Big Data news.  Here goes:

Datameer Launches App Market
Datameer has a neat product which lets you acquire data (using its 40 or so data connectors), transform it and analyze it with Hadoop, using a spreadsheet-like user interface, rather than writing MapReduce code.  Datameer is also a platform though.  And with its more than 200 analytical functions and business infographics feature set, the product allows data experts to build their own apps that can then deliver industry- and line-of-business-specific Big Data solutions.  Datameer comes in several versions including a $299 Personal Edition that lets you do everything, including run Hadoop, on your Windows PC.

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While it’s nice that in-house developers and data scientists can build Datameer apps for their employers and clients, an app store/marketplace makes a good thing better.  Hence Datameer’s announcement today of its new Analytical App Market, allowing what it believes will be the ability of data scientists to scale better, by offering their expertise in app form, through a public marketplace.  Datameer takes a less-than-customary 20% commission and pays developers on a monthly basis.  Meanwhile, for customers, the apps themselves are open and modifiable.  Perhaps that’s why Datameer refers to the offering as “data science you can download.”

Nominum partners with IBM
Nominum is an interesting company – on the one hand, it provides outsourced Internet Domain Name Service (DNS)  for many large carriers; on the other, it provides a platform, called N2, that provides analytics on the DNS request data for its customers.

That’s the background; here’s the news: Nominum announced today that it’s partnering with IBM on Big Data.  Specifically, N2 now integrates with IBM’s Big Data platform, including IBM InfoSphere BigInsights, InfoSphere Streams, PureSystems, and PureFlex System.  This brings N2 into the world of MapReduce, as well as real-time analytics, expert integrated systems and IBM appliances.

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Actuate Acquires Quiterian
To round out today’s update, a Business Intelligence company has made an acquisition in the analytics space.  Specifically, Actuate, best known as the company behind the open source Eclipse-based BIRT reporting technology, has acquired Quiterian and added its data mining, social media analytics and predictive analytics capabilities to the ActuateOne stack.

And More
There's even more news to cover.  As an example, MarkLogic's Enterprise NoSQL database can now run directly on the Hadoop Distributed File System (HDFS), and MarkLogic expanded its partnership with Hortonworks.  There will be even more news this much so that I'll probably report some of it next week.  Keep reading and please leave comments below if you have questions or know of items I may have missed.

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