More disturbing long-tail content from Zango

SunbeltBLOG asks "Is Zango partnering with a bunch of sickos? " I won’t repeat much what’s posted there because it’s too disgusting, but here’s the first part.
Written by Suzi Turner, Contributor

SunbeltBLOG asks "Is Zango partnering with a bunch of sickos? " I won't repeat much what's posted there because it's too disgusting, but here's the first part.

unitedtoserve2005(dot)com redirects to a hard core porn site, search(dot)porn-info(dot)info, which offers “totally free porn videos”.

These are Zango porn videos — you watch them but get Zango spyware installed on your system.

More curious is that viewing unitedtoserve2005 with Javascript disabled brings up some very disturbing keywords, like the following (WARNING: very offensive language):

Just last week Zango was mentioned in the CDT report on adware advertising and the money trail. I've been so busy I haven't kept up with all the news (hence no blogging), but CDT report is certainly worthy of delving into. Meanwhile Paperghost is still on the Zango trail at Vitalsecurity. There's lots more on Zango and MySpace, Zango and Winamp, and now Zango video ads on The Guardian website. Recently Warner Bros. gave Zango a swift kick right out the door, so not all is peachy in Zangoland.

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