More enterprise IT shops eye cloud brokerages

Slightly less than half of the companies surveyed by Amazon cloud integrator 2nd Watch plan to manage their cloud services with a centralized hub.

As more companies adopt cloud services on an ad hoc basis, more of them are looking to the brokerage model to better manage their provisioning, updating and integrating, according to a recent customer survey conducted by Seattle-based Amazon Web Services partner 2nd Watch.

Approximately 43 percent of the 133 IT operations professionals (ranging from CIOs to developers) surveyed plan to develop brokerages before 2014 to manage between 75 percent to 100 percent of the cloud services that their company is adopting, the data found.

One of the biggest challenges that many organizations are experiencing is the fact that the need for rapid deployment is driving individual business divisions to fund and provision various cloud applications and services on their own, regardless of whether or not another unit in the company is using them.

Exhibit A is companies that are supporting multiple Salesforce deployments . This can create big headaches when it comes to managing licenses and supporting customizations. So, more businesses are contemplating the creation of centralized hubs that can simplify certain management task, while allowing limited resources to focus on more strategic cloud projects.

"Enterprise IT departments that adopt cloud services brokerage models are on the right path, as they'll be able to leverage platforms that will respond to the challenges they say are standing in the way of meeting demand," said Matt Gerber, executive vice president of sales and marketing for 2nd Watch, which is among Amazon's 22 elite integrators for 2014 .

Some other findings from the survey:

  • Operations departments are consuming roughtly 60 percent of the cloud services being adopted by typical organizations; marketing and sales teams were next with about 22 percent of the services
  • 28 percent of businesses are turning to the cloud because of the need for rapid application deployment
  • 63 percent of the businesses rated demand for cloud services between "4 and 5" on a scale of 1 to 5, where "5" represents the highest level of demand 

The "2013 Cloud Adoption Rate Survey" was conducted in December 2013 by an independent online service on behalf of 2nd Watch.

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