More Google Music invites start going out in U.S. only

Google Music steps into gear as invites slowly trickle out in the United States.

Remember Google Music announced back at Google I/O in May? No? Well it's coming soon for most of us, and a lucky few have already scored an invite.

Yes, this is the latest invite of the summer, following Google's more famous project as of late, Plus, as well as that other digital music service, Spotify.

So when you think about it, Google Music could be construed as just a combination of the least when it comes to being on the invite-list or not.

According to The Next Web, existing users that received beta invitations last month have only been "granted two invites each, to hand out as they choose." It's also limited to the United States at this point.

That's a bit more than Spotify has been giving out. I've had a Spotify account for over a week now, and I still don't have any invites to send away. But to Spotify's credit, it has only been live in the U.S. for a few weeks. But Google+, on the other hand, that list isn't so exclusive now as the membership base has grown to over 20 million in the last four weeks.

However, exclusivity might be one of the only attractive cards that Google has to play at the moment. After all, Google said it would be doing this digital music service with or without the help of the music industry, which is going to severely limit the song catalog. Furthermore, reviews have been mixed, especially regarding how long it takes users to sync their personal music libraries with Google Music.