More HP TouchPads are on the way

HP plans another production run of TouchPad tablets to meet the demand for the $99 product.

In another bizarre twist in the already insane HP TouchPad story, the company has notified customers unable to get hold of a $99 tablet that more are being built for sale. The HP NextBench blog says that HP has decided to "produce one last run of TouchPads to meet unfulfilled demand."

HP won't state how many it plans to make, nor how many unfulfilled orders it has in its system. It will have one more production run in the company's fiscal fourth quarter which ends October 31, and reading between the lines of the HP blog post it sounds like those have already been spoken for with orders the last go-round.

HP has included a detailed FAQ in the blog post for interested parties, and recommend that those wanting to keep informed about this new production run follow @BrynaatHP and @MarkatHP on Twitter for updates.

This latest turn of events shouldn't be that surprising given the way HP has handled the TouchPad. It is no wonder that HP can't even kill the TouchPad properly.