More iOS 6 Development: Further Explorations of the iOS SDK with Kevin Kim (podcast)

Kevin Kim, iOS developer, author and cofounder of AppOrchard and I discuss his new Apress book: More iOS 6 Development: Further Explorations of the iOS SDK.

AppOrchard cofounder Kevin Kim and I talk in-depth about iOS development, AppOrchard and his book: More iOS 6 Development: Further Explorations of the iOS SDK (iOS 6 Development). If you're interested in learning how to create apps for iOS 6.x, Kevin Kim and Apress have 550 pages of opportunity for you to explore. Kevin provides you with dozens of examples and ample dialog to open your mind to the possibilities of iOS 6 app development. At the end of this book, you'll have enough knowledge to create your own apps.

If you're like me, I'd love to create my own iOS apps. Even if I never sell one copy, I'd still have the pleasure of creating something fun and useful for myself. But iOS 6 Development provides you with the practice to not only create your own apps but to fully engage in app development using Apple's iOS SDK.

During the podcast Kevin explains the breakdown between the need for developers and available iOS education. His company, AppOrchard, employs developers and he, himself, is an iOS developer, so he knows from his own work in the trenches what it takes to be a successful independent programmer. That's what sets this book apart from its competition. Kim is a working programmer.

This book is a hands-on, learn-by-example and learn by doing educational manual. 

The book is available on and through other outlets. Amazon's price is $23.15 for the paperback edition and $17.59 for the Kindle edition.

iOS 6 Development with Kevin Kim Podcast

Podcast Details: Length: 30:36 mins. Format: MP3. Rating: G for all audiences.

This podcast was recorded with permission from Kevin Kim.