More IT managers involved in strategic planning, survey says

More IT involvement in high-level planning due to cloud, social media, or something else?

True to everything we've been hearing from analysts and the trade media, more IT executives are assuming higher-level strategic planning activities as part of their jobs.

In the latest CIO salary survey from, 51% of IT managers and executives report they are spending more time on strategic IT planning than a year ago, versus 16% spending less time. Another third say things are about the same. This trend is especially pronounced among senior and midlevel IT managers.

Reporting on the survey results, Ed Scannell cites cloud computing, virtualization and social media as the reasons why IT executives are increasingly stepping outside of the IT box to get more involved with the business.

Ultimately, the success of business at any level now depends on its ability to manage and leverage information technology in a savvy way. Every business is now in the IT business -- and it's up to IT leaders and professionals to make things happen.