More notebooks getting touchscreens, says analyst

By 2017 NPD estimates that touchscreen-enabled notebook PC shipments will rise to 64.2 million units.

Windows 8's touchscreen interface, combined with new mobile form factors, has meant a modest rise in notebooks featuring touchscreen displays.

According to NPD DisplaySearch analyst Richard Shim touchscreen-enabled notebook PC shipments will reach 19.8 million units, or 11 percent penetration, in 2013, and this is estimated to increase to 64.2 million units, or 40 percent, by 2017. 

Ultraslim PCs made up 1.7 million of the units shipped, while standard notebooks accounted for a further 4.5 million units.

(Source: NPD)

"Touch penetration in notebooks was modest in the first half of the year, and we expect a slight increase to 10% in the second half. Premium pricing and a lack of compelling uses for touch screens on notebooks continue to hinder adoption," said Richard Shim, senior analyst at NPD DisplaySearch.

"As touch interfaces become increasingly common across all mobile devices, however, it is just a matter of time before the technology also becomes more prevalent in notebooks," Shim added.

Form factor plays an important part in fueling adoption, with systems such as convertibles and hybrids being more suited to touch.

"A touch panel on a clamshell notebook seems less intuitive than it does on a tablet-like device, which is better suited to touch interactions," according to Shim.

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