More on the LG V30: High end audio, video creation, and security

There's a lot provided by the LG V30 and in this second look article we dive a bit deeper into some of the advanced audio and video experiences.
Written by Matthew Miller, Contributing Writer

The LG V30 is launching soon and as we discussed in yesterday's first impressions, the device is targeted towards content creators and those who want enhanced media experiences.

The LG V30 offers a Hi-Fi quad DAC and two advanced cameras in a device built for durability with great look and feel in the hand. These audio and video recording features are a hallmark of the LG V series and continue today in the V30.

Hi-Fi audio experience

While audiophiles have issues with the audio implementation of the HTC U11, I personally enjoy using the USonic earbuds and the HTC U11 is my favorite smartphone for enjoying music.

The LG G6 has a quad-DAC, only if you live in Korea. Thankfully, LG didn't make the LG V30 with different features in different regions so that every V30 owner gets the excellent Quad-DAC experience out of the box.

The LG V30 includes a 32-bit advanced Hi-Fi Quad DAC powered by ESS Technology's SABRE ES9218P. There is software on the LG V30 to customize the experience to your tastes with options for sound presets and digital filters.

Even without high quality audio files downloaded to your device, you can still experience quality audio output thanks to the Quad DAC and standard 3.5mm headset jack. Android Authority has a handy reference article explaining the Quad DAC on the LG V20, which is mostly applicable to the LG V30 too.

Become a movie maker

As a heavy smartphone user, I spend several hours a day on my smartphone and prefer to capture and then edit video right on my smartphone rather than exporting to a computer and then spending time editing on my computer. In the past, I have been quite pleased with the editing software on HTC and Samsung phones.

With LG's focus on enhanced video capture, it makes sense that it also provides a solid editing experience through its Gallery app. Shoot photos and videos with your V30, including using the Cine Video modes I mentioned in my post yesterday, then go into the Gallery app.

In the top right of the Gallery app, tap the three dot menu button, followed by tapping the option to Create movie and then select the photos and videos you wish to include in a movie. You can then drag and drop content around to put it into the order you desire. It is easy to trim video content with the large slider bars.

Tapping the Library icon in the top right lets you change the theme of your video, add soundtracks, and add titles with customized fonts. There are options from LG to download additional themes, soundtracks, and fonts too.

You can also add in additional content as you create your movies. Keep in mind, you can adjust the resolution and playback speed of your video content by opening up each video file independently in the video editor.

There is an option in the video editor to also find content that is related to the selected video by date or place. This is handy for creating videos of vacations, events, or even locations over different periods of time.

In addition to making movies, there is also an option in the Gallery to create GIFs. Tap the option and then select comment to create a GIF. You can then add photos, adjust the GIF speed, change the ratio, and change the flow. GIFs are popular today and with this advanced Gallery, they are now easy to make good quality original content.

Security options are plentiful

Security is important to smartphone users and everyone should use at least one form of security. The LG V30 has the perfectly positioned rear center fingerprint scanner so you can easily unlock your phone with an index finger. In addition, you can setup Knock Code, pattern unlock, PIN unlock, password unlock, facial recognition, and voice recognition.

The Knock Code is unique to LG and is a primary unlock method. Voice recognition and facial recognition are secondary security options since they can be fooled by other voices and photos. Don't forget, you can also enable Google Smart Lock options on the LG V30.

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