More options coming for Mac- and iOS-native RSS clients

The recent announcement of the summer demise for Google Reader, several developers have announced plans for native iOS and Mac RSS applications.

In a recent column, I wrote about the ripple effect of Google's announcement in the RSS client market. The worry is over the future of popular Mac and iOS native clients such as NetNewsWire and others, now that Google Reader and its RSS aggregation service is going away in the summer. However, there are options.

Some readers pointed me to new online readers as a replacement, such as the free Skimr (still in alpha), and Feedbin by Ben Ubois, which costs $2 a month or $20 a year, and provides a mobile view.

However, I admit that I am more interested in native clients rather than web applications.

For example, I was also pointed to a more-established web reader called Rolio, which also allows the integration of other data streams, including Facebook and Twitter.

Rozbeh Nassab, co-founder of Rolio, told me that a version supporting Apple iOS and Google Play platforms are "currently in the final stages of development, and will be released within weeks". The screenshot I saw showed a very clean and straightforward interface.

There was also information about plans for NetNewsWire from Black Pixel CEO Daniel Pasco. He said that the company intends to bring RSS sync to future versions of NetNewsWire, saying it was a "top priority" in a recent post on the company blog.

As far as sync is concerned, we knew we would likely need an alternative to Google Reader as early as last year. At the time, the option that seemed to make the most sense was to embrace iCloud and Core Data as the new sync solution of choice. We spent a considerable amount of time on this effort, but iCloud and Core Data syncing had issues that we simply could not resolve.

He added that there were new versions in the works. He said the new iOS versions have been rewritten scratch. "We have some great new features and a modern design that we can't wait to show you."

I'm looking forward to them.