More reports point to Apple iPad event on October 22

These rumors never seem to get old.


Whenever iPad (or iPhone, MacBook, insert Apple product name here) upgrade cycle times come around, there seems to be an endless stream of rumors and reports based on unnamed sources about potential announcement dates.

These usually don't come to a halt until Apple itself mails out the invites, but an increasing number of reports are pointing toward a media event on Tuesday, October 22.

The latest update comes from AllThingsD, reporting that Cupertino is preparing for an invitation-only event two weeks from today.

An exact location hasn't been pinpointed yet, but the docket is supposed to include at least one new iPad (almost definitely an iPad 5, possibly an iPad mini 2 -- depending on rumored supply chain constraints ) as well as a refreshed Mac Pro and upgrades for OS X Mavericks.

Apple typically sends out these invites approximately a week prior to the event, so we could be hearing something official any day now.

Regardless, an October 22 date in the calendar looks incredibly likely -- if an iPad update is really in the works at this point in time.

Aside from landing at a prime time ahead of the holiday season, it would mark just barely one year since the last iPad special event .

Rumors about October 22 have also sprouted up more than once -- most notably when images of what appear to be an iPad mini outfitted in slate gray (one of the new iPhone 5S shades) leaked in late September.

It's also worth noting that October 22 is the same day that Microsoft's Surface 2 and Surface Pro tablets go on sale as well as the date Nokia is expected to launch its Sirius ARM-based Windows RT tablet.