More SMS email

Another WAP wannabe seizes the day

Today yet another company has seized the opportunity of the hype surrounding the up-coming WAP revolution to launch a service that allows users of GSM phones to get access to Internet email.

M-Mail, from UK company Taskflow, uses the SMS command interface and is available to subscribers on the Cellnet and Vodafone mobile phone networks. Admitting that such SMS services are "a bridge to WAP access," Taskflow also provides a menu-driven user interface for owners of WAP phones.

To apply for the service users register, for free, at the Taskflow Web site, supplying details of their mobile phone and email account. Setting up a personal profile, which can be edited at any time, sets such things as whether subject line should be included.

Once registered users can send and receive email. A server-side script fetches email from the requested account, stripping it of any attachments. M-Mail supports POP3, IMAP and SMTP mail protocols, including Eudora and Outlook. Each message will cost 15 pence to receive.