More stable KitKat-based CyanogenMod arrives for 65 devices

A new version of CyanogenMod's KitKat-based firmware is on the way to a host of Android handsets.

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CyanogenMod completes $23m funding round

Venture capital firm Andreessen Horowitz and Chinese tech juggernaut Tencent have stumped up $23 million of Series B fund raising for the Android-based mobile operating system.

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A new, more stable version of CyanogenMod's Android 4.4-based firmware is now available to install for tens of Android devices.

After-market firmware startup CyanogenMod has released the latest 'M' or 'snapshot' build of its version of KitKat, CM11 M2, which brings in new features and bug fixes developed for nightly builds released last month .

CM11 nightlies initially supported around 40 makes of smartphones, including Google's Nexus device family as well as some Galaxy S3 and HTC One devices, offering a faster path to KitKat than the OEMs themselves.

CM11 M2 will be made available to more than 65 handsets in total, according to a blog post by CyanogenMod. At present however, CM11 M2 files have been released for 50 devices, including Nexus phones and tablets, LG's Optimus G and G2, the Galaxy S4 and S3, HTC One and several Motorola Androids. The full list of supported devices can be found on CyanogenMod's download portal

Two notable additions that users running CM11 M2 can access include CyanogenMod's recently released screen recording app (in beta), as well as built-in support for messaging encryption, thanks to a partnership with the maker of TextSecure for Android, Whisper Systems. The latter allows nearly any messaging app to encrypt messages between similarly enabled devices.

CyanogenMod's star appears to be rising, with the company closing a $23m round of Series B financing last month , bringing its total funding to date up to $30m.

The company is currently on a hiring spree with plans to more than double its 25-person headcount to 60 and plans to speed up the delivery of new features, personalisation options and device support for users. CyanogenMod also released its firmware for Chinese hardware maker Oppo, whose N1 smartphone comes with the software pre-installed.