More than half of employees yell at their computers (survey)

Do you ever take out your frustration on your computer? Or is your computer the source of the problem?
Written by Rachel King, Contributor on

The holidays can be a stressful time -- especially if even your computer is getting on your nerves.

New research from TrackVia, a company that specializes in enabling businesses build their own Software-as-a-Service platforms, reports that at least 3 in 5 U.S. workers admitted that they have caught themselves yelling at their computers out of frustration with the software they were using.

Some employees have gotten so upset that at least 18 percent of the survey respondents replied that they have actually wanted to quit their jobs because of frustration with software programs.

For reference, the survey was based on responses from 350 non-IT and non C-level employees in the United States who use computers and software daily as part of their job.

Some of the most common improvement wishes revolved around being more user friendly and designed better at boosting productivity. At least 22 percent of respondents thought that four to 10 hours of work time are wasted each month due to problems with software.

TrackVia's CEO Pete Khanna explained in the report that tapping into this frustration reveals a much larger issue at play:

This information also highlights the disconnect that often occurs between the people designing or buying software and the people using it. Clearly, this divide comes at a significant cost in terms of usability and productivity for the people who use company-provided software every day.

So are the happiest employees the ones who just bypass the provided software and go with their own choices, whether it is approved by the IT department or not? It would seem that there is also a connection here between this hostile trend and the rising rate of employees (especially younger generations) breaking IT regulations by using their own software picks and/or bringing their own devices to work.


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