More WAP as Alcatel joins the fray

Consumers have another WAP mobile to choose from with Wednesday's launch of the One Touch mobile from Alcatel, to be offered as part of a BT Cellnet Internet phone pack

The dual-band handsets are being specifically targeted the consumer market and use Alcatel's microbrowser (licenced from with BT's Genie Internet.

The One Touch comes with a hands-free speaker phone (currently available with Alcatel's Virgin mobile offering). It can also use conventional alkaline batteries in place of its standard rechargeable unit.

Jacques Combet, president of Alcatel's mobile phones activities, said: "The Alcatel One Touch WAP enables everybody -- including first-time users -- to have easy, comfortable access to BT Cellnet's evolving WAP service. And these services have something for all subscribers -- not just the professional user."

The One Touch is available as part of BTs Cellnet Internet phone pack for £79.99 prepay or the monthly package, £49.99. Bluetooth-enabled phones are expected later in the year

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