Most enterprise execs already want to adopt quantum computing, survey says

While quantum computing might seem like a distant pipe dream to the average consumer, executives at some of the world's largest companies are already well on their way to adopting the technology.
Written by Michael Gariffo, Staff Writer

A new report from Zapata Computing, a developer of quantum-ready software, found that 69% of all surveyed enterprise executives are looking into ways that quantum computing can benefit their companies. 

The study queried 300 CIOs, CTOs, and "other VP-level and above executives" at global enterprises with annual revenues over $250 million. It found that the vast majority have already begun looking into quantum computing, with a larger 74% noting that companies will "fall behind" if they fail to tap into it.

The driving force behind this positive sentiment is the belief that quantum technology could offer a competitive edge; 41% of respondents expect it to have a positive impact on their company's performance within two years. A smaller 12% either believe they have already benefited from it or will within one year. 

As for where these benefits are most likely to appear, machine learning and data analytics seem the most common targets, with 71% specifically noting their interest in applying quantum tech to these fields. Meanwhile, the transportation industry seemed the most keen on integrating quantum tech; 63% of transport company execs claim their organizations are already in the process of integrating quantum technology into their infrastructure. The report notes that this enthusiasm is likely driven by the hope that quantum computing will help with ongoing global supply chain issues and logistical chokepoints. 

While the majority of respondents seemed excited about the promise of quantum tech, about half agreed it is complex, with integration into existing systems viewed as the "biggest hurdle to quantum adoption." 

Cost also plays a major role, as 28% of respondents said their company's budget for quantum computing had already topped $1 million. The number of respondents rose to 44% when limiting the pool to the US alone. 

The United States' willingness to spend money on quantum research has apparently resulted in it being an early leader, with Zapata finding 36% of US organizations surveyed to be in the "early or advanced stages of quantum adoption," putting it well above the global average. 

Of all of the survey variables, the one most respondents agreed upon was their need for outside help in adopting quantum computing technology. A massive 96% said they would require a relationship with a trusted quantum computing vendor to succeed. That said, 73% noted concerns about being locked in by such a relationship, while 47% were "very or extremely" concerned about that outcome. 

The full survey results are available at Zapata Computing's website. 

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