Most free Android anti-malware scanners 'near to useless'

Most products achieved 0% detection rate.

Free anti-malware apps for the Android operating system are 'near to useless' according to anti-malware testing specialists

The results of the testing [PDF download] were quite shocking, with most products achieving 0% detection rate. The best product, Zoner Antivirus Free, scored a miserable 32% in a manual scan and a more respectable 80% when it came to a real-time scan. And remember, this is the best of the free apps!

The most popular free anti-malware app for Android (based on marketplace data) is Antivirus Free by Creative Apps with between 1,000,000 and 5,000,000 installations. This application scored an utterly miserable 0% on both the manual and real-time scan.

According to AV-Test, 'the circulation of obviously near to useless security apps endangers those, who trust them and install apps from 3rd party app markets without further suspiciousness.'

If you're relying on any of these apps, take note.