Most IT professionals wouldn't bet on security of own networks: report

If even most IT security professionals wouldn't count on the safety of their own corporate networks, how are the rest of us supposed to feel about that?

Most IT security professionals wouldn't bet their own money on the security of their corporate networks, according to a new report published by authentication solutions provider PhoneFactor.

For reference, PhoneFactor's researchers surveyed over 300 IT professionals in the United States in February about the the security of their corporate networks.

When asked to wager one of five amounts ($0, $1000, $5000, $50,000, or $1,000,000) that their network would not be compromised in the next 12 months, 57.7 percent of the respondents refused to take the bet, going instead with just $0.

Sarah Fender, vice president of marketing and product management at PhoneFactor, explained in the report, "It’s easy for a person to say that their network is secure, but when we asked them to make a bet using their own money, they simply would not do so unless additional protections were put into place."

Even worse, the study found that 70.3 percent of respondents were only somewhat confident or not all confident that an unauthorized person could not gain access to their networks.

So, if IT security professionals are this skeptical about the security of corporate networks, how much trust can the rest of us reasonably place when accessing these networks -- whether it be with personal or work devices?

Unfortunately, the reality is likely that most employees won't notice (or even care) one way or another -- leaving so much personal and corporate data at risk at a time when many experts from the likes of Cisco, McAfee and Verizon are constantly reminding us that targeted attacks on networks and mobile devices are increasingly rapidly.


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